Demand Outlook

The most effective tool for monitoring competitors in the conference market.

Demand Outlook

Find out what events are taking place in competing hotels or conference centres. Discover which potential customers should be a priority for your sales team and understand market trends in the meeting segment.

Demand Outlook provides expertise necessary in the conference industry. It is an intelligent reporting system based on the analysis of data relating to events that take place in your competitor’s facilities. It is a knowledge base on industries, customers, number and types of meetings and provides detailed analysis and reports on them. Demand Outlook provides knowledge on potential customers, supply of meetings on the market and supports you in increasing effectiveness of sellers’ work and making strategic decisions. It will allow you to learn which companies use your competitors’ services, avoiding your facility, and which customers are loyal to you, and which of them use also other facilities.

There is no better customer base than the one using your direct competitors

Do you know that there are companies in your market that regularly organize meetings in your competitors’ facilities and that you could win them for your conference centre? Learn what opportunities await you on the market and which actions should be undertaken so that you fill your conference halls in periods of low demand. Find out which customers are loyal to you and which of them support also other facilities. Find out when the demand is high enough so you have potential chances to increase your prices.

How does it work?

Instead of groping in the dark for new customers, send your sellers to places where customers potentially interested in your services are. It is the easiest way to increase efficiency of sales and profits. Point out facilities that are your competition and each day we will send our employees there to gather data about the events and their organizers. In most of the largest cities facilities are monitored twice a day – in the morning and evening. Everything will be made available to you in the online system and almost immediately, with the entire system of statistics and analyses and option to compare through time.

How much does it cost?

per venue
checked monthly

International zone A

All countries outside Europe, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Scandinavia, Russia, UK

Build your own set of competitive venues (hotels or conference centres). The total cost is EUR 80* for one monitored venue. Simply multiply it by the number of venues that we will examine for you each day. Fill in the order form below and let’s get started.

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per venue
checked monthly

International zone B

Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey

Are hotels and conference centres in the above-mentioned countries your competition? We will gladly provide you with information about that. Select the venues that you are interested in and fill in the order form. The total cost is EUR 75* for each examined centre. Multiply it by the number of centers that we will monitor for you each day.

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per venue
checked monthly

International zone C

Balkan countries, Georgia, Greece, Moldova

Are you positioning yourself against hotels and conference centers located in the regions mentioned above? Super! We would be happy to provide you with this service. Select the venues of your interest and then fill in the order form. The total cost is EUR 70* for one monitored venue. Simply multiply it by the number of venues that we will examine for you each day to calculate full cost.

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* the price is Vat n/a for companies registered in the EU. For other countries Vat will apply

** venue checked is understood as one (hotel or conference centre) visited by Z-Factor employees to collect data

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