Jagoda Kucy
HR Supervisor

HR with years of experience in the area of soft and hard HR, organizational processes, personnel management and team building. Her extensive knowledge and professional skills gained on key positions in the HR industry, working for the largest retail chains in Poland.

Together with built by her team she has developed the best result of testing the quality of customer service in the region of Malopolska - cumulative 95% for the 2014. At the same time, she took part in the project "Sklepy Szkoleniowe". She knows how to be successful - for three years she led one of the first training shops in Poland Jeronimo Martins, where she trained new employees for positions such as Deputy Manager, Store Manager, District Sales Manager. Her commitment and coaching skills have given her ward the foundation, through which they achieved the best average score on the final exam.

Perfectionism is her second name, positive thinking - a way of life, and the motto: "customer satisfaction is a measure of the quality of our work".

She has the skills to effectively recruit most valuable employees for the company, objectively evaluates their skills and quickly teaches new.

Privately loves music and movement alfresco - especially on the "two wheels".


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Kontakt dla nowych klientów / New business: +48 693-726-848

Praca / Career: +48 604 413 341

Działy operacyjne:

Demand Outlook: +48 604 430 424

Test Call Program & Competition Shopping: +48 604 413 110



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