Test Call Program

Program for increasing the sales effectiveness

What is it?

Test Call is a program for increasing the quality of service of customers, who want to book rooms, conference halls or event services. It involves generating test booking queries by phone and e-mail. Queries are generated in Polish and English using websites of fictitious companies and phone numbers registered in different countries.

All recordings are made, evaluated based on the defined criteria and sent to the assessed employees and their superiors. Once a quarter, coaching sessions are organised with employees, during which the results are analysed and improvements are implemented.

The tool can be used for analysing efficiency of conversion in hotels, conference centres, travel agencies, DMC and PCO agencies, etc.


Maximising conversions of the obtained queries is the cheapest and extremely effective way of acquiring business in tourism activity. However, practice shows that hotels and agencies close transactions with varying efficiency.

Test Call Program involves creating the response procedure to queries together with the commissioning party, and then monitoring the quality of the reservation service and training in order to increase efficiency and sales results.

This tool is both for the venues and businesses, which are characterised by low sales efficiency, but also for those, which achieve good results, yet still want to boost them.

You just need to imagine the increase of closing by 1% a year to feel the impact on revenue growth. And this is just the beginning…

How does it work?

The integrated system that allows to make and take calls from many phone numbers registered in different countries, with the possibility of forwarding to mobile phones. All conversations are recorded (both outgoing and incoming) and stored on the servers.

We have the entire directory of websites imitating real companies, which can be customers of the hotels, conference centres and agencies (with real contact data). The number of pages is large enough to allow testing of the same people, without the risk of a repetition of the query from the same non-existent company.

Employees establish a response procedure to the query with the company management. Then, consultants make test conversations with the employees of hotels and agencies, generate email queries, monitor responses and the entire sales process.

Evaluation of each conversation, each query takes place in the online system, which can be accessed by the hotel management, and after the completed evaluation of each query, an automatic email with the result is generated to the tested person.

Optionally, we offer coaching for employees, under which we work on specific observed situations, so that knowledge has a very practical nature and really affects the change of habits of the sellers and other people included in the program (receptionists, reservation department employees) serving the guests.

Why Test Call?

  • The only such solution dedicated to the travel industry
  • Auditors with hotel or event experience
  • Practitioners experienced in the industry
  • Easy access to the results and online analysis
  • Effective tool for raising the effectiveness of sales guarantees a quick return on the investment

What we do?

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